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Patented New Outdoor Products Camping Set Flintstone Wilderness Survival Wilderness Survival Waterproof Firestick DM-8

Material: Plastic
Function: Environmental Protection
Function: Portable
Function: Handheld
Function: Split Type
Function: Waterproof
Item No.: Magnesium Rod DM-8

Model: DM-8
Weight: 51.5g
Applicable number of people: multiple people
Set configuration: lighter stick scraper
Printing LOGO: Yes
Multi-function classification: take fire and open bottle Hex wrench scale
Color: Black

Product name: Outdoor Multifunctional Flintstone

Model: DM-8

Material: Nylon Stainless Steel Rare Earth

Size: Length 11.7*Width 3.2cm Lightning stick Diameter: 8mm

Weight: 51.5g

Color: Black

Function: flint and steel, spatula, scale. Hexagonal wrench, bottle opener

Purpose: As an emergency fire tool for outdoor survival, it is waterproof and has a variety of survival tools , Adapt to a variety of survival environments

Features: original handle design, fits the shape of the hand, comfortable grip, and increase ignition Success rate, use nylon engineering plastic, strong and durable