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Frozen long sleeve sequined Aisha dress

Style: Long Sleeve
Skirt Style: Princess Dress
Suitable age: middle and small children (3~8 years old, 100~140cm)
Suitable season: spring and autumn
Suitable season: summer< br>Suitable season: Winter
Suitable season: Spring
Suitable season: Autumn
Suitable season: Unlimited season
Fabric craft: Folding
Fabric craft: Brushed
Fabric craft: Fluorescence
Fabric process: Coating
Fabric process: Enzyme wash
Pattern: Cartoon
Pattern: Head
Pattern: Letters
Pattern: Flowers
Pattern: Dot
AQL sampling standard: 2.5
Flat car stitch pitch 12~14 stitches/3cm: Yes
Whether the hair/excess thread ends are trimmed: obvious parts have been trimmed
Fabric name: Cotton blended fabric
Main Fabric composition: polyester fiber (polyester)
Main fabric composition content: 75
Lining composition: polyester fiber (polyester)
Lining composition content: 75
Safety level: Class B
Color: White 20002#
Fit height: 100cm
Fit height: 110cm
Fit height: 120cm
Fit height: 130cm
Fit height: 140cm
Fit height: 150cm