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Air Cushion Bed In Vehicle

Name: vehicle bed

Size: length 140 w 90 h 45 cm

Material: Flocking lathe

Applicable model: five seat general purpose vehicle (the rear axle is too high and small to use)

Purpose: Vehicle outdoor play

Weight: 2.6kg pneumatic pump

Applicable vehicle models: all brands of cars, SUVs and most MPVS can be used. The inflatable mattress is an inflatable structure. The design of this inflatable structure determines that the expanded size of the inflatable mattress will be adjusted automatically according to the actual space size. Before inflating, the left and right doors are opened and the front seats are adjusted as far as possible. After fully aerating, the effect of extrusion and adjustment on the bed can be achieved by closing the door and adjusting the front seat, so as to achieve the high degree of anastomosis and fastening effect between the bed and the space.

Folding volume: 37cm * 28cm * 12cm