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Wireless smart remote control RC nest boat

Item No.: CV18
Place of Origin: China
Material: ABS

This product is divided into 2 versions:

1. Without GPS Standard version: The standard version uses a one-handed remote control with fixed speed cruise. The remote control can control night vision lights from a long distance, The three warehouses can be independently controlled to open, and the hull charge indicator light! The battery is 7.4V 5200mA, which can be used continuously for about 2 hours! ! !

2. CPS one-key return to home version: The GPS version uses an LCD two-handed remote control with fixed-speed cruise function. Distance control boat lights, hull charge indicator lights, three compartments can be independently controlled to turn on, the battery is 7.4V 5200mA, and it can be used continuously for about 2 hours! ! ! The remote control can be set to return to home point with one key. In addition, 3 arbitrary positioning points can be set. The 3 points can go back and forth at will. After setting the origin, if the signal is lost

The battery is low, the boat will automatically return to the origin after 15 seconds, the LCD screen of the remote control will display the boat’s battery, compass and the number of meters sailed! ! !

3. The hull can load 4 catties, and the size of the ship is 50*25*17, In addition, the charger has American regulations, British regulations, and European regulations. Please note separately if you have special needs