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Shell Earrings

Style: Europe and America

Material: shell

Product category: Earrings

Production No.: shell stud

Sales serial number: Shell Earrings

Type: Earrings

Style: Women

Shape: Abalone Shell

Packaging: independent packaging

Inlaid material: not inlaid

Color: e1903-17

Color: e1903-18

Color: e1903-19

Color: e1903-20

Color: e1903-21

Color: e1903-22

Color: e1903-23

Color: e1903-24

Color: e1903-25

Color: e1904-9 upper and lower teeth

Color: e1903-27

Color: e1903-28

Color: e1903-29

Color: e1903-30

Color: e1903-31

Color: e1906-26