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Self-adhesive retractable outdoor camouflage tape

Substrate: Cloth
Item No.: Stretch Tape

Scope of Application: Outdoor Tool Decoration
Length: 4.5m
Thickness: 1mm
Glue System: Natural Latex
Width: 5 inside
Series: Stretch tape
Color: Multicolor optional
Core material: pvc
Viscosity: Self-adhesive type
Order number: 1016008

Specifications :5CM*4.5m
Product Category: Survival Tool

Specifications: Each roll is 4.5 meters long (after stretching) and 5 cm wide
Material: non-woven natural latex

Features: self-adhesive type (similar to Velcro, and other flat Objects are not sticky when they are in direct contact. Only when they are entangled with each other can there be thin glue filaments. In addition to their own elastic shrinkage, they are very firm after winding), which is only suitable for winding cylindrical objects. There is no residue at all, and there is no need to worry about the problem of glue retention. It has a light fragrance. It can be used repeatedly and feels good.
Note: This model is weakly glued, and the surface feels no glue. It can only be sticky when you are entangled with yourself. It can be reused. It is suitable for wrapping columnar items. Cut out a little separately. If you stick things, you won’t stick.