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Propeller tractor hard bait floating water pencil lure bait

Material: ABS
Color: Black 13g
Color: Red 13g
Color: Tiger Green 13g
Color: Yellow 13g
Color: Golden 13g
Color: Silver 13g
Color: Transparent Blue 13g
Color: Red Head 13g
Color: Green 13g
Color: Blue 13g
Color: Tiger Green 35g
Color: Yellow 35g
Color: Golden 35g
Color: Silver 35g
Color: Transparent Blue 35g
Color: Red Head 35g
Color: Green 35g< br>Color: Blue 35g
Color: Black 35g
Color: Red 35g
Color: Tiger Green 15g
Color: Yellow 15g
Color: Golden 15g
Color: Silver 15g
Color: Transparent Blue 15g
Color: Red Head 15g
Color: Green 15g
Color: Blue 15g