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Pokemon Go Plus smart band

Applicable platform: android platform
Applicable platform: Apple iOS platform

Pokemon go plus linkage device bracelet introduction:
The Chinese name of pokemon go plus is also called Pokemon go plus. This device is mainly based on Bluetooth and is linked by mobile phones. This smart pedometer is similar to the smart pedometer that many players have seen in their lives. This device is mainly used to assist players to promptly remind and capture when they encounter elves and pets around.

How to use:

After the player links pokemon go plus to the game, if When there are sprites or pets nearby, the LED light of the bracelet will flicker or vibrate (the automatic version does not vibrate) to promote players, but there are three types of lights: green light, red light, and colorful light. Different lights have different effects!

Green light: close to the wizard

Red light: Failed to capture sprites

Lantern: successful capture