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Night light led wardrobe light

Light source type: led light
Item No.: TDL-6110
Voltage: ≤36V
Shade material: PVC
Dimensions: 120-230-405-605

Switch Type: Inductive
Style: Light Luxury
Average Service Life: 80000

Printing LOGO: Yes
Customization: Yes
Power supply: USB power supply

Model: TDL-6110

Light color: TDL-7120 10 lamp bead battery model
Light source power: oxidized silver shell
Light source power: electroplated black shell

Is it smart? Control: No
Additional function: Human body induction
Type: Night light

1. Product introduction

The design of this product is to use a dedicated infrared sensor to detect the movement of the human body or the light on when the person does not leave And under the condition of continuous activity, the light keeps on, and the time delay after the person leavesautomatically shuts down; sensitive response, energy saving and environmental protection, stable performance, reliable work; solutions, Create a warm and pleasant atmosphere for you. With them now, you will not only get a lot of convenience, but also add to your romantic and comfortable life.

Two, product features

1.< span style="font-family: Song Ti;">Use high-efficiency white lightLEDTechnology: With high efficiency, power saving, long life, energy saving, environmental protection, explosion-proof, luminescence, suitable for various places.

2.Using human thermal infrared detection and induction technology, it has high sensitivity, anti-interference, and fast response.
3.When people come, the lights are on, when people go, the lights are off:The optimized induction control design can realize the lights come on and the lights are turned on automatically. Delay off.
4.Built-in light perception device, automatic recognition of day and night status, automatic during day Standby, induction light at night.
5.Infrared sensor switch andLEDlight integration, easy to install, beautiful , Power saving, good light efficiency.