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Moss Code Bracelet

Style: simple

Material: Copper

Type: Bracelet

Style: Lovers

Modeling: digital code

Inlay material: no inlay

Color: Duck off with card

Color: I love you with card

Color: BFF with card

Color: best bitches with card

Color: duck it with card

Color: keep going with card

Color: hope with card

Color: bad ass with card

Color: brave without card

Color: Duck love with card

Color: family with card

Color: I can with card

Color: never give up with card

Color: journey with card

Color: friend with card

Color: ohana with card

Color: face ship with card

Color: Duck cancer with card

Color: luck with card

Color: keep feeding going with card

Color: strength with card

Color: Zero fucks given with card

Color: customize it with card

Color: I'm sorry with card

Color: thank with card

Color of the card

Color: smoothed with card

Color: merriy Christmas with card

Color: WTF with card

Color: keep feeding going 2 Pack

Color: filling cool with card

Color: breath with card

Color: faith with card

Color: Fearless with card

Color: good is good with card