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Intelligent human body induction light LED triangle light

Light source type: led light
Item number: 1146
Voltage: ≤36V
Shade material: ABS
Dimensions: 92x92x23

Switch type: induction type
style : Light luxury
Average service life: 100000

Customized processing: Yes
Power supply: Battery
Applicable place: General
Model: TW-1146

Light source Power: 1W

There are licensable own brand: Yes
Smart control: Yes
Additional functions: human body induction + light sensing lighting

New creative gift LED human body induction night light smart triangle night bedroom wardrobe cabinet light

The product has passed CE, FCC certification.

Built-in PIR human body infrared motion sensor and light sensor, light on when people come, and off when people go.


[Name]: TriangleHuman body induction night light

[product size]: 9.2*9.2*2.3cm

[product weight]: net weight 48g, single with packaging 71g (box size: 10x10x3.5cm)

[sensing distance]: 0-5 meters, sensing angle 120° span>

[input voltage]: 4.5V

[Rated power]: 1W

[Brightness]: 60 lumens

[Working environment temperature]: -20 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius
[Working environment humidity]: 5%-93%

[LED number]: 10 3528 SMD patch type 6000K positive White light or 3200K warm light LED light

[battery power supply]: 3 AAA alkaline batteries (not included in shipment) Normal use can last for more than 3 months

[Packaging Information]: Each product is put into a bubble bag with a 3M sticker, Each box comes with a manual.

Instructions for use:

1. The new triangular human body sensor light has a built-in PIR human body infrared motion sensor and light sensor intelligent light sensing. When the light is sufficient, it will not light up regardless of whether it enters the sensing area.

2. In dark and dimly lit places, when the human body enters the sensing area for activities, it will light up immediately.

3. When a person leaves the sensing area, the half-moon body sensing light will automatically turn off after 20 seconds of lighting.

4. If people have been active in the sensing area, the light will always be on.

5. Please perform the test in a dark environment, and it will not light up in a bright environment.

6. Please do not install and use near humid environments, heating pipes, air-conditioning outlets, etc., which may cause malfunctions. normal phenomenon.

7. The product can not only be pasted with double-sided tape, but also has a strong magnet that can be attached to the iron cabinet at any time. More user-friendly design (each product is equipped with a 3M sticker)