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Frozen 2 hairpin for children Princess Elsa hairpin

Treatment process: Manual

Style: Children

Sales serial number: 5981

Series: ice and snow

Shape: Bow

Material: plastic / resin

Image: ice and snow

Color: bow and hair loop small

Color: bow hairpin small

Color: bow hairpin large

Color: snowflake hairpin

Color: snowflake BB clip

Color: ice and snow hair band

Color: bow spring clip

Color: bow BB clip

Color: bow ribbon with blue

Color: bow with red ribbon

Color: 4-piece blue ball

Color: 4-piece set of curls snowflake

Color: 4-piece hairpin set

Color: Box Pink Butterfly hairpin set

Color: Box Blue Butterfly hairpin set

Production number: 5451

Crystal type: others

Type: hair loop, hair rope

Applicable population: Children

Hairpin classification: side clip

Set combination: 1

Product category: hair accessories