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Eyelash Tweezers

-----------------------------------------Tips for using false eyelashes ---------------------------------------------

props for sticking eyelashes:

★ clip: there are many kinds of eyelash AIDS. Single bundle of false eyelashes can use the help of the clip to make the false eyelashes stick smoothly and conveniently;

★ small scissors: the whole row of fake eyelashes just bought should be trimmed to the length consistent with the eye shape. Small scissors can be properly trimmed;

★ eyelash glue: there are two kinds of white glue and black glue. Generally, it is better to apply it after eyelashes and wait a few seconds to make the glue semi dry and then stick it;

Multiple uses of false eyelashes:

★ cut it in half and stick it to the back of the eye. It is suitable for girls with small and round eyes, and their eyes look big;

★ cut it into a handful, section by section. Take tweezers and stick it on the eyelash root at intervals, which is natural and lovely;

How to remove eyelashes:

★ gently lift the bottom line of the eyelashes at the end of the eye with your fingernails, and then hold it with your fingertips and lift it slowly;

★ gently pull the false eyelashes from the inner corner of the eye with the tips of the thumb and index finger. The glue on the used false eyelashes should be completely removed and neatly put into the box. In this way, the curve of false eyelashes can be kept unchanged for multiple use. Also, be careful not to stick eye shadow and eyelash onto false eyelashes, or smear and damage false eyelashes