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electronic beauty instrument

Function: negative ion
weight: 0.3
gear: 2
working mode: electric rotation
item No: y520

instructions for use:
1: "Purple scrub stone" matching head: it can effectively remove dead skin and aged cutin of the face, promote regeneration of facial skin, and reappear delicate and smooth skin on the face. At the same time, it can also be used to polish thicker nail layers.
2: "raised ball" matching head: the built-in 4 balls can be used for facial massage, soothing nerves, accelerating blood circulation and gentle massage at any time during the rolling process. (Massage effect is better after applying moisturizer or essential oil!)
3: "sponge beauty cotton" matching head: after washing your face, you can use this massage head to massage the facial skin again to further relieve the fatigue of the facial skin, relieve nerves and improve skin blood circulation.
4: "Powder Cake Beauty cotton" matching head: combine facial cleanser or facial gel to clean facial skin. Wet the face, apply facial cleanser, and use this machine to clean the face, which is not only convenient and comfortable, but also can clean the dirt in small pores and massage the face at the same time.
5: "Soft nylon brush" matching head: cooperate with facial cleanser to clean the dirt on the face and soft and fine bristles, which can effectively clean the dirt and dust on pores when washing the face, give the face a delicate and soft refreshing enjoyment.