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Beauty egg set gourd puff water drop puff makeup egg makeup egg cushion sponge puff beauty tool

Material: Hydrophilic non-latex
Size: 40*60mm
Item No.: 000

Specification: Random gourd color [transparent bag]
Specification: random color of water droplets [transparent Bags]
Specifications: diagonal cut color random [transparent bag]
Specifications: wine red gourd [bulk]
Specifications: wine red water droplets [bulk]
Specifications: wine red diagonal cut [bulk ]
Specifications: Matcha gourd[Bulk]
Specifications: Matcha water droplets[Bulk]
Specifications: Matcha oblique cut[Bulk]
Specifications: Rose gourd[Bulk]
Specifications: Rose red Water drop [Bulk]
Specifications: Rose red oblique cut [Bulk]
Specifications: Coffee gourd [Bulk]
Specifications: Coffee water drop [Bulk]
Specifications: Coffee oblique cut [Bulk]
Specification: Green Gourd [Bulk]
Specification: Green Water Drop [Bulk]
Specification: Green Diagonal Cut [Bulk]
Specification: Skin Color Gourd [Bulk]
Specification: Skin Color Water Drop [Bulk]
Specifications: Skin color diagonal cut [Bulk]
Specifications: Pink gourd [Bulk]
Specifications: Pink water droplets [Bulk]
Specifications: Pink diagonal cut [Bulk]
Specifications: Purple gourd [Bulk]
Specifications: blue gourd [bulk]
Specifications: blue water droplets [bulk]
Specifications: blue diagonal cut [bulk]
Specifications: light pink [4 boxes]
Specifications: Magic Purple [4 boxes]
Specifications: Matcha [4 boxes]
Specifications: Egg Yolk [4 boxes]
Specifications: Magic Purple [8 boxes Packing]
Specifications: Matcha series [8 boxes]
Specifications: Light powder series [8 boxes]
Specifications: Egg yolk series [8 boxes]