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Muscular trainer Abdomen-Set/ Arm-Set

Product functions

1. Exercise muscles-exercise abdominal muscles, arm muscles, waist muscles, leg muscles and other parts, up to muscle shaping effect. Such as six abdomen, human fishing line, etc.

2. Slimming-acts on human muscles, stimulates muscle nerves, transmits pulse signals of exercise to muscles, promotes muscles to complete contraction, consumes energy and burns too much fat, thus achieving the effect of weight loss and slimming.

3. Muscle strength recovery-the muscle strength of the upper limbs, lower limbs and even the trunk of the human body is obviously decreased after being injured, and the use of smart fitness instrument can help the muscle strength gradually recover.

4. Muscle strength maintenance-muscles are subject to high-intensity training over a period of time. Arm strength, leg stength strength and waist strength will decline gradually. The use of fitness equipment can keep the muscles active and make the muscles full of energy, power can't attenuation.