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A2 outdoor equipment survival kit

Specifications: 17*10.5*5
Item No.: A2 Set
Place of Origin: China
Product Category: Survival Tool

Name: A2 Travel Outdoor Equipment Survival Box SOS Survival Tool Set Multifunctional Field First Aid Kit

< p>Size: 170*105*50mm

Net weight: 385g

Set includes:

1, butterfly handle large flint;


2, multifunctional scraper;

3, high frequency double-hole whistle;

4, strong light flashlight;

5, portable knife ;

6, saber card;

< span style="font-family: Microsoft Yahei;font-size: large;">7, copper compass;

8, portable key light;

9. Tungsten steel broken window defense pen;

10, large waterproof and shockproof storage box.