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550 military specification 9 core umbrella rope climbing rope 100 meters

Item No.: Umbrella Rope 100m/Axis
Type: Umbrella Rope
Product Name: Rope

Main Material: Polypropylene

Specifications: 100m

high-quality nine-core umbrella rope, made according to 550 military regulations, It is wound by imported equipment, the quality is super good, the diameter is 4 mm. The rope body is woven quite round and tight, the surface texture is quite fine, the abrasion resistance is quite good, and it does not fluff after frequent friction. It is a product for outdoor players.

Purpose: winding Knife handle, stick handle, sling stick tail rope, nunchaku connecting rope, slingshot bow rope, field strapping equipment, tent draw rope, etc.

Note: Suitable for general use, do not play with human body weight and limit

Specifications: umbrella rope diameter 4MM, 100 meters per shaft, the whole umbrella rope has no joint< /span>

Net weight: 550g< /p>

Packing: winding shaft + heat shrinkable film

Color: black, army green, wolf brown, khaki, orange, jungle camouflage, desert camouflage, forest camouflage

Please contact customer service before placing an order Ask if the color is in stock