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24 Christmas balls in 3cm4cm6cm8cm barrels

Material: plastic

Size: diameter 3cm 4cm 6cm 8cm 10cm

Color: 11 colors available

Patent source: no

Category: Christmas decorations

Process: electroplating

Import or not: no

Specification: 3cm [gold]

Specification: 3cm [red]

Specification: 3cm [silver]

Specification: 3cm [blue]

Specification: 3cm [purple]

Specification: 3cm [rose red]

Specification: 3cm [lake blue]

Specification: 3cm [fruit green]

Specification: 3cm [bronze]

Specification: 3cm [pink]

Specification: 4cm [gold]

Specification: 4cm [red]

Specification: 4cm [silver]

Specification: 4cm [blue]

Specification: 4cm [purple]

Specification: 4cm [rose red]

Specification: 4cm [lake blue]

Specification: 4cm [fruit green]

Specification: 4cm [bronze]

Specification: 4cm [pink]

Specification: 4cm [mixed color]

Specification: 4cm [green]

Specification: 6cm [red]

Specification: 6cm [silver]

Specification: 6cm [blue]

Specification: 6cm [purple]

Specification: 6cm [rose red]

Specification: 6cm [lake blue]

Specification: 6cm [fruit green]

Specification: 6cm [bronze]

Specification: 6cm [pink]

Specification: 6cm [mixed color]

Specification: 6cm [gold]

Specification: 6cm [green]

Specification: 8cm [silver]

Specification: 8cm [blue]

Specification: 8cm [purple]

Specification: 8cm [rose red]

Specification: 8cm [lake blue]

Specification: 8cm [fruit green]

Specification: 8cm [bronze]

Specification: 8cm [pink]

Specification: 8cm [mixed color]

Specification: 8cm [gold]

Specification: 8cm [red]

Specification: 8cm [green]

Specification: 3cm [mixed color]

Specification: 10cm [purple] 20 pcs

Specification: 10cm [pink] 20 pcs

Specification: 10cm [red] 20 pieces

Specification: 10cm [gold] 20 pcs

Specification: 10cm [silver] 20 pcs

Specification: 10cm [other colors can be customized] 20 pcs

Gift giving purpose: Festival gift

Gift: Yes, business gift

Applicable Festival: Christmas