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Vehicle Vacuum Cleaner

[product name]: hand held vehicle vacuum cleaner

[product color]: Black

[package weight]: 0.720kg

[package size]: 355mm * 105mm * 125mm

[working voltage]: 100v-240v AC battery charger

Vacuum degree: 3200pa

[rated speed]: 20000rpm

[rated power]: 120W

[power line length]: about 1m

[instructions for use]:

1. Check for sufficient charge

2. Just turn the switch on

3. Change the suction nozzle according to different occasions

4. This product is a dry and wet vacuum cleaner. When absorbing water, the front cover should be opened in time to drain water

5. The USB display of rechargeable battery indicates normal charging in red and full charge in green

6. The charging time is about 3-4 hours, and the capacity is 2000 ma. It can last about 20 minutes


1. When using, the filter must be installed

2. Do not use in direct sunlight, high temperature and high pressure

3. Do not use gasoline or volatile detergent to wipe the body

4. The front housing must not be removed when the motor is rotating

5. This product is a vehicle tool. Children are not allowed to use it alone to avoid danger

6. Attention should be paid to the height of accumulated water in the front cover when absorbing moisture

7. When removing the foreign matter in the gap, please put on the duckbill straw.

8. In normal condition, it can be used for half an hour, and has no effect on the battery of your car

9. After using the product, please turn off the switch to remove the foreign matter from the net bag, press the fastening button, and then pour out the foreign matter