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Tool set Multifunctional field first aid box

Specification: 17*10.5*5
Item No.: A6 Set
Place of Origin: China
Product Category: Survival Tool

Name: A6 Upgraded Travel Outdoor Equipment Survival Treasure Box SOS Survival Tool Set Multifunctional Field First Aid Kit

Size: 170*105*50mm

Net weight: 454g span>

Set includes:

1. Large flint with butterfly handle;

2. Lifesaving blanket;

3. High-frequency double-hole whistle;

4, strong light flashlight;

5. Upgraded outdoor knife;

6. Sabre card;

7, brass compass;

8, portable key light;


9. Tungsten steel broken window defense pen;

10, large waterproof Shockproof storage box.


< p>This enhanced 10-piece suit improves the quality of the compass and the knife on the basis of the original survival treasure box, making it more collectible Sex; In addition, a life-saving blanket has been added to strengthen the functionality of outdoor survival.

The survival tools are all multifunctional, but there are a few simple tools. Ten functions can meet the various needs encountered in the outdoor survival process.