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Pearl Necklace

Style: Europe and America

Treatment process: electroplating

Weight: 30-60g

Size: 40, 50, 60cm

Material: iron chain + aluminum chain + alloy

Type: necklace, pendant

Style: Women

Shape: coin pin

Independent packaging

Chain style: Box Chain

Multi layer: Yes

With or without Pendant: Yes

Extension chain: less than 10cm

Material: pearl oyster

Perimeter: 51cm (inclusive) - 80cm (inclusive)

Color: n1903-7 one aluminum strip

Color: n1903-8 cross

Color: n1903-9 two-layer coin

Color: n1903-12 edging teeth

Color: n2003-1 black wood peach heart

Color: n2003-2 thick chain, one ear

Color: n2003-3m bead large copper ring

Color: n2003-4 half bead half chain

Color: n2003-5 coin cake

Color: n2003-6 small pearl necklace

Color: n2003-7 square bead sailor buckle

Color: n2003-8 Sequin triple lock

Color: n2003-26 a string of ear bright beads