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Bamboo leaf cotton baby jumpsuit

Applicable gender: Male
Sleeve length: Long sleeves
Hinged: not hooded
Suitable for season: Spring and Autumn
AQL sampling standard: 2.5
Flat car stitch length 12~14 Needle/3cm: Yes
Whether the hair/remnant thread ends are trimmed: The obvious parts have been trimmed
Thickness: Normal
Fabric name: Cotton
Main fabric composition: Cotton
Main fabric composition content: 100
Safety level: Class B
Closed style: Zipper shirt
Style: Long climb
Color:HY2102G bamboo leaf green
Color:HY2101P pink pattern
Color:HY2103W blue whale
Color:HY2104P peony
Color:HY2105W yellow flower
Color:HY2106B lattice
Color:HY2112P parrot
Color:HY2120W purple flower
Color:HY2128 flower
Color:HY2163 Little Raccoon Romper
Color:HY2153 Pink Star Shell
Color:HY2158A Blue Leopard
Color:HY2107W Colorful Dots
Color:HY2117G Black-Edged Leaves
Color:HY2127G Wave
Color :HY2155P Pink Rabbit
Color:HY2147B Purple Iris
Color:HY2156K Zebra Pattern
Color:HY2317W Coral Flower
Color:HY2323G Banana
Color:HY2469Z Color Cloud
Color:HY2235B Blue White Leaf
Color:HY2159P letters
Color:HY2149W five-pointed star
Color:HY2146G blue cartoon
Color:HY2144P pink cartoon
Color:HY2145A gray cartoon
Color:HY2143Z pink leopard
br>Color:HY2124B Cactus
Color:HY2119W Love
Color:HY2389B Blue Rabbit
Color:HY2391B Blue Dinosaur
Color:HY2292W Colored Animal
Color:HY2476G Catharanthus
Color: HY2490B Osprey
Color:HY2481B Penguin
Color:HY2542B Light Blue
Color:HY2543Z Purple
Color:HY2122B Fishbone
Color:HY2353B Leaves
Fit Height:66cm
Fit Height: 73CM
Suitable height: 80cm
Suitable height: 90cm
Suitable height: 100cm